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Ms. Nahid Hayoun From Tetouan, based in Dubai, President & CEO Hayoun Group Of Companies

15 Years in the Middle East, headquartered Dubai, covering the GCC markets and beyond, the prime B2B & B2C exploring more business opportunities in Real Estate| Building Material | Security system | Smart Technology | Clean Energy | Green Buildings| Construction| Insurance & Finance | shipment companies…

Founder engaged in online commerce for smart cities from small project to extensions to facilitate business between suppliers and dealers through offering direct products, services and smart technology that enable merchants, brands and other business to transform the way they market to sell and operate internationally.

Bringing and welcoming all worldwide connections to participate, cooperation and working collectively in larger areas of interest, improve the efficiencies of UAE & Morocco multi business national and expats.

"Goal ":

Strengthen the Construction & Technology sector build loyalty in the market to reduce risk and developing production sectors,

Advanced technology and global expertise available in our E-commerce serve our communities, countries, current and future generations .. Future industry... and turn it into a reality we live all day

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